Here are a few impressions of tours accross Ethiopia. 

Tourmi in Hammer

The hammer women, among the most beauitiful in east africa and whose various metal omaments indicate their marital status karo,known for their body painting and erotic dancing,and other tribes like the tsamai,bana,erbore,konso,gabbra and borana,with equally faseinating customs.


South ethiopian people

Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region (often abbreviated as SNNPR) is one of the nine ethnic divisions (kililoch) of Ethiopia. It was formed from the merger of the former Regions 7-11 following the 1994 elections. Its capital is Awasa.

The SNNPR borders Kenya to the south, the Ilemi Triangle (a region claimed by Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Sudan) to the southwest, South Sudan to the west, the Ethiopian region of Gambela to the northwest, and the Ethiopian region of Oromia to the north and east. Besides Awasa, the region's major cities and towns include Arba Minch, Bonga, Chencha, Dila, Irgalem, Mizan Teferi, Soddo, Wendo, and Worabe.

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is a town in northern ethiopia, lalibela is one of ethiopians holiest cities, second only to axum,and is acenter of pilgrimage for much of the country. Unlike axum, the population of lalibela is almost completely ethiopian orthodox christian, lalibela was intended to be a new jerusalem in response to the capture of jerusalem by muslims, and many of its historical buildings take their name and layout from buildings in jerusalem…



located in the northern part of the great ethiopian riftv valley thes are the most popular destinations for adventure tourists.

Dallol, is the deepest place on the surface of our planet lying 116 meters below sea level it is a unique land formation with lunar like colourful land scape. Walking amidst an rivaled scenic beauity in dallol with amaizing sites of cliffy salt mountains around when see against the background of the sunset, make visitors experience an extraordenary feeling like oneself walking out of aspaceship.



located it the central zone of the tigray region near the base of the adwa mountains z city has an elevation 2130 m. It was center of the (eventual) cherstian marine trading power axumite kingdom, witch predated the earliest mentions in roman era writings around the time of the birth of jesus in good correlation to the expansion of rome in to northern africa. Later when it developed in to the christian kingdom, was aquasis-ally of byzantium againist the days persian empire. The historical record is unciear, primary sources being in the main limited to ancient church records.


Gondar fasilidas

which emperor fasilidas founded as his capital in 1636, is the site of numerous castle-like palaces, dating from the 17th and 18 th centuries. The city was ethiopia's capital until the region of emperor tewodros II., also known as theodore. During the long years when it was a capital the settlement emerged as one of the largest,and most populous, cities in the realm. The oldest and most impressive of gondars many imperial structures is the palace of emperor fasilidas. There are also numerous other fascinating historical buildings nd relics, the most spectacular being, deber berhan selassie.


Ethiopian coffee cermony

amiable ethiopian female donning the traditional ethiopian attire, in the midst of the traditional coffee extravaganza.